Monthly Revenue for Music Creators

Tradiio enables fans to subscribe to their favorite artists in exchange for exclusive content and access.

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What is Tradiio?

Tradiio is a streaming service which enables artists to create a subscription page. Fans pay a monthly subscription in exchange for unique rewards.

Isn’t this Kickstarter?

No. Tradiio and Kickstarter are not the same, they’re complementary. On Kickstarter you run a one off campaign, like fundraising for an upcoming album for example. On Tradiio you run your own subscription page that provides you with a consistent income each month.

How it works

On Tradiio you can convert your fans into monthly subscribers by offering them exclusive content and access in return.

Why it works

Many fans have lost the emotional connection with music. Today everything is digital, everything vanishes too fast. Music is about experiencing, it’s about belonging, it’s about touching that new album cover and feeling the atmosphere of a live performance. We allow these experiences to happen through monthly subscriptions, enabling artists to offer one-of-a-kind rewards and exclusives.